Krishna Mohan BR, alumni from National Institue of Design, is the founder and the present studio head at Cogwheel Studios. With his diversified experience of 8+ years across various disciplines of design and scale of projects ranging from Interior Architecture to Strategic Design Development and Visual Communication Design, he leads the project from its inception to delivery. During his tenure as a professional design practitioner, he also discovered an arising need of a “user-centric”, “multidisciplinary” design service platform in India which can cater the needs of “new” businesses – relatively new to the process of design thinking and initiated a platform where a diversified team of designers, consultants and vendors can seamlessly work together to solve complex problems, yet by enabling them to enjoy what they do to their best. Today, we are a network of seasoned professionals with an ability to “empathize” and “solve” complex problems and build “businesses” via “design”.

With humble beginnings as independent professional consultants, our novelty was conceived in the year 2010 by trying to understand the project demands versus industry infrastructure and our approach system to address the same was transformed into a full-fledged professional design service platform in the year 2012 under the brand name of “Cogwheel Studios”. Since then we have extensively worked in the interdisciplinary design fields and have been considered from various other reputed companies and global brands as their strategic and creative design associate in enabling them to focus, simplify, solve problems and navigate the challenges of building their “Brand” and “Environments” in a complex, fast-moving world.

Perceiving the need for holistic design intervention in India, by a team who are passionate in what they do and who can also seamlessly “relate” and “connect” with the real world problems of both SME’s and Large Businesses, “Cogwheel Studios” made its humble start to consult via “Design” as a tool to solve such problems. This unique approach system has proven to be a great profitable venture for our clients in enabling them to build a strong foundation and achieve breakthrough results across our consulting projects. Today, with credentials of such successful projects, we look forward to continuing our journey as a niche, design service provider to meet and solve more such complex problems and contribute towards making our world a better place to live.