Our Story

With humble beginnings as independent professional consultants, our novelty was conceived in the year 2010 by a group of design professionals, trying to understand the project demands versus industry infrastructure and our approach system to address the same was transformed into a full-fledged professional design service platform under the brand name of “Cogwheel Studios™”. Since then we have extensively worked in the interdisciplinary design fields and have been considered by various other reputed companies and global brands as their strategic and creative design associate in enabling them to focus, simplify, solve problems and navigate the challenges of building their “Brand” and “Environments” in a complex, fast-moving world.


Having completed his post graduation in Design for Retail Experience from National Institute of Design, and with a prior industry experience being part of a few notable national and international projects, Krishna developed a deep interest in understanding people, systems, and the existing infrastructure available to seamlessly cater to the need of organisations/businesses seeking world class, design intervention methodologies in order to achieve breakthrough ways to connect with their target customers and succeed on the edge of change and innovation. With such understanding and his unique expertise in “Design Thinking” across multi-disciplinary design disciplines, presently Krishna leads the collaborative inter-disciplinary team of designers and overlooks project deliverables while co-strategising bespoke solutions with business stakeholders from diversified industries and enabling them to reimagine their customer experiences, reinvent their business models and off recently helping them to digitize their core businesses by providing the required capabilities and partner ecosystem to build strong digital products or omnichannel experiences, which can drive their business much better.